Emergency Medicine resident responsibilities are graded throughout the training and an intern is the primary caregiver for individual cases under the direct supervision of a senior resident and a faculty member. An intern’s education is largely an introduction to emergency patient care with an emphasis on signs and symptoms, the performance of an appropriate history and physical, principles of resuscitation, wound management and ethical issues in emergency care.

  • 19 shifts per 28 day block

  • 12 hour shift length

  • 1 month or 2 two week vacations

Metropolitan Hospital

Orientation 4 weeks

Emergency Medicine 3 months

Pediatric EM 1 month

Harlem Hospital

Emergency Medicine 3 months

Pediatric EM 1 month

Anesthesia 1 week

Ultrasound 1 week

Westchester Medical Center

Internal Medicine 1 month

MICU 1 month

CCU 1 month


A second year resident focuses on enhancing clinical skills evaluating and managing a large number of patients, and performing a large number of procedures under the direct supervision of attending faculty. The second year EM resident does the initial evaluation of all prehospital patients arriving by ambulance and focuses on the care of the most critical patients in the department.

  • 17 shifts per 28 day block

  • 12 hour shift length

  • 1 month or 2 two week vacations

Metropolitan Hospital

Emergency Medicine 13 weeks

Ultrasound 1 week

Harlem Hospital 

Emergency Medicine 13 weeks

Orthopedics 2 weeks

OB-GYN 2 weeks

Westchester Medical Center

Emergency Medicine 1 month

Pediatric EM 2 weeks

PICU 1 month

TICU 1 month


Senior residents at Metropolitan Hospital are responsible for directing all patient care in the Emergency Department and teaching and refining the skills of junior residents and medical students, therefore enhancing their leadership, academic and administrative skills. All third year residents receive time off to attend the annual ACEP conference. They must complete USMLE STEP 3 before starting the third year of residency.


  • 15 shifts per 28 day block

  • 12 hour shift length

  • 1 month or 2 two week vacations

  • 2 weeks elective rotation time

Metropolitan Hospital

Emergency Medicine 15 weeks

Teaching Block 2 weeks

Harlem Hospital

Emergency Medicine 17 weeks

Anesthesia 1 week

Westchester Medical Center

Pediatric EM 2 weeks

External Rotations

Toxicology at NYPCC 2 weeks

FDNY/EMS 2 weeks




1901 1st Ave 

New York, NY 10029

Metropolitan Hospital is a full-service community hospital that provides state-of-the-art care and leading-edge technology in a modern environment. We provide culturally-sensitive care to patients from all five New York City boroughs in a welcoming and hospitable setting, emphasizing primary care medicine and utilizing the latest advances in medical science. The Metropolitan ED is highly regarded in the hospital. The ED team is in charge of their patients, procedures and works collaboratively with the other departments in the hospital. As senior residents towards the end of your training you will get the opportunity to have "preattending" shifts to help you be fully ready to practice wherever you decide upon graduation.


Located on the border of the Upper East Side and Spanish Harlem, Metropolitan has a Level II Trauma Center, a 371 bed facility with 40 beds in the Emergency Department. There are 65,000-70,000 annual visits to the ED with 15% admission rate.




506 Lenox Ave 

New York, NY 10037

Harlem Hospital has been a bedrock of the Harlem community since 1887. The hospital provides a wide range of medical, surgical, diagnostic, therapeutic and family support services to the residents of Central Harlem, West Harlem, Washington Heights and Inwood... Harlem provides over 90 specialized ambulatory care services, dentistry and oral surgery, behavioral health services, and community substance abuse treatment.

Harlem is a designated Level 1 Trauma Center, with a full spectrum of specialty services, including an adult intensive care unit, a respiratory intensive care unit, a pediatric intensive care unit, and a cardiac care unit. Harlem operates one of only a few Burn Units in New York City that include a specialty in plastic and reconstructive surgery to reduce the scarring unique to the African-American community.    -Harlem One Stop

Harlem Hospital is a 400 bed facility with 77,000 annual ED visits and  22% of those patients present with traumatic injuries.




100 Woods Rd 

Valhalla, NY 10595

Westchester Medical Center was founded in 1917 and is the regional hub of tertiary and quaternary care and is the primary referral facility for other hospitals, serving as a lifeline for more than 2.4 million people in the Hudson Valley. Westchester Medical Center’s mission is to provide the highest quality care for all residents of the Hudson Valley, regardless of their ability to pay, providing a network that ensures access to a coordinated continuum of care for its community. It provides local residents with acute care services –adult and pediatric Level I trauma and burn care; organ transplantation, highest-risk OB-GYN care; advanced neurosurgical procedures and more found nowhere else in the Hudson Valley.  WMCHealth is committed to training the next generation of healthcare professionals and integrating research to advance treatment, expand knowledge and improve lives.

Westchester Medical Center is a 652 bed facility with 40,000 annual ED visits.