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MetHarlem has recently expanded its residency program to accommodate 36 students and applicants are interviewed by invitation only once proper application is sent. The program participates in ERAS and positions are offered through NRMP only. Of note:

  • We accept USMLE or COMLEX. If you are DO, USMLE is not required to apply to our program

  • We require passing grades within 1 standard deviation of the mean on USMLE I and II and/or COMLEX I and II- no exceptions.

  • We offer Shabbos spots on a case-by-case basis

  • We cannot offer shadow shifts at this time or onsite tours due to COVID restrictions

  • We encourage all different "types" of candidates to apply and enjoy it! The MetHarlem family is unique and we are looking for applicants who fit in and will be happy with us


Medical Student



We are in the process of merging our Medical Student rotation, as we have done with the residency. It is anticipate that by July 1st, all students will have shifts at both Metropolitan hospital, AND now Harlem hospital. This is anticipated and not guaranteed so please keep in contact with us for more information. You can apply to us through VSAS.

Students who rotate with us work closely with residents and attendings throughout their rotation and are supervised while performing their own procedures. Students will also be actively involved in patient management and have computer access to follow their care. Weekly conferences are held at Metropolitan and Harlem along with dedicated workshops, simulation sessions and ultrasound trainings specifically designed for medical students.


Since COVID, there have been some updates on the allowances of outside rotations. As per national recommendation, students may now apply and rotate at one other site than their home institution through VSAS. Before applying to rotate with us please check with your institution first. 

Dr. Christina Ciraco

Clerkship Director


For more questions about our clerkship rotation please feel free to contact us!

Micheal Carty

Clerkship Coordinator